How To Get A Kayak Ready For Fishing?

There are two types if kayak models; sit-on-top or sit-in models. Outfitting of a kayak is similar to outfitting any boat for fishing. Often, the smaller space of the kayak might be a hindrance in packing things for fishing. However, there are plenty of gears to turn the kayak suitable for fishing. Before getting ready for fishing, check out the best fishing kayak 2016.

Fishing rod holders
Rod holders are important because holding a fishing pole is impossible while paddling. These rod holders are important as multiple holders help in fitting several other gadgets. There can be up to two-rod holders in the front. Removable holders would be convenient as they can be removed while not in use. The holders must be within reach, but it should also be made sure that they do not interfere with paddling or angling.

Floatation life vest
A life vest is very important while kayaking. There are special life vests for kayaking. These specific designs allow upper body movements that are very necessary for paddling and casting. Few vests have pockets in them so that things such as pliers, VHF radio, or a tackle box can be placed. The popular choice is auto inflatable vests, which allows unrestricted upper body movements.

A kayak can be outfitted with various important electronic devices. A GPS would come in handy when there is low light or when the conditions are foggy. GPS can also be used to save the co-ordinates of a particular fishing spot. A fish finder is also a valuable electronic device. Most kayaks have console space for mounting gadgets. A waterproof portable radio can also be useful. Navigation lights might prove helpful during low light conditions.

Storage in Kayak
To keep items dry, they can be covered with dry bags and secured with a bungee cord. Fragile items can be stored in hard plastic watertight containers. Deck bags are another way in which storage area can be increased. These bags have a lot of compartments and pockets to hold any gear and can be mounted easily by using bungee cords.

Tackle boxes and trays
It is common to purchase tackle trays to hold fishing tackles. Some kayaks come with holders to hold these trays. They can also be carried in vest or pant pockets. Watertight models are a better option as they keep the bait dry.

Bait bucket
Most of the kayaks have tank wells with notches to hold the bait bucket. Bungee cords can also be used to secure the gadgets. There are many types of buckets based on the features required. An aerator is optional, but it would help in keeping the shrimp and minnows alive. A dip net might come in handy to capture bait easily. Other fishing tools like scissors, forceps, hook file and clippers. Fishing nets and landing devices help in landing a fish.

Anchor system
The anchors help keep the kayak in position during fishing. It also helps in keeping the boat steady during rough water or windy conditions.

First aid kit and safety
A first aid kit must be present in the kayak, and it must be stored in watertight containers. As safety precautions, a whistle, bilge pump, sponge, rope, flashlight and signal mirror can be carried. Other products that protect against sunlight, insects can also be carried. Last but not least, it is highly important to pack sufficient amount of water to stay hydrated in all conditions.

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