San Francisco – An Exhilarating Revelation

The most sought after haven on earth that attracts millions of people from the Asia and the Pacific for its contemporary traditions can be put together as San Francisco. This varicolored international city led to the foundation of United Nations in 1945. Its varied heritage and diverse people make this city a more happening livelihood. An authentic and oracular fact about San Francisco on ifonly is rarely heard.

The beginning of a new culture
San Francisco was exposed to all characters and a myriad of ideas. Apart from the inhabitants of the city, masses of people associate on a personal note with San Francisco. The 60’s counter culture empowered the country’s ethos and the city’s aspects. The Rock and Roll movement, feminism for women liberation, anti-war crusade brought about the much-needed dynamism in the city. During these years there were many migrants to this forefront city. This city became a trendsetter and its empowering movements started to spread across other parts of the country. The arrival of young people blossomed the city towards glory.

The rise of the literature
The city’s novelty soon found its place in several authors whose work forms continued the spread of prophetic movements. Famous authors from San Francisco include Samuel Clemens, who acquired the pen name, Mark Twain. He had a raw informal writing style that took the literary tradition for an awe-inspiring change that is followed till today. Jack Kerouac, another visionary author inspired by freedom and hope had written on the ignited city of San Francisco. Herb Caen, the San Francisco Chronicle’s Pulitzer prize winning author through his empowering three-dot journalism provided information in the most entertaining way. His column in the newspaper was as vital as a morning coffee.

The musical vein
San Francisco symphony, San Francisco Ballet and San Francisco Opera are celebrated throughout the city and are also applauded worldwide. The commencement of the societal season by the Opera takes place at the War Memorial Opera House. San Francisco is home to the Jazz movement. The city’s music love is manifested in the forms of two national anthems. Pop music also has their creative front held high in the city. San Francisco’s adoration for music has prevailed through generations. The live music, the enchanting rhythm, the foot tapping beats characterize the contemporary music of San Francisco.

The sports and entertainment factor:
San Francisco and sports go hand in hand. It hosted the 2010 world series baseball championship. Basketball and football are also the top rated sports at San Francisco. Professional teams and players continue to win several accolades for the nation. The city promotes all games from soccer to tennis and field to aquatics. San Francisco’s love for cinema continues to be evergreen. Industrialized lights and the mystic special effects features are brought through the cinemas of this city. San Francisco continues to energize itself through its breathtaking movies.

Innovation through entrepreneurship
San Francisco and Silicon Valley are rightly referred to as innovation hubs. Levi Strauss for apparels and Bill Hewlett and David Packard for technology pioneered from San Francisco. Apple, Intel, Google and more continue to blaze the path for astounding innovations.

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