Tips To Buy A Beachfront Home In Costa Rica

Are you looking for beach front homes in Costa Rica? The first step in purchasing a home is to find a good real estate company. For that, you must search online as real estate Costa Rica and pick the suitable one. You must be aware of the state government laws when buying beachfront homes. The Maritime Zone law prohibits the possession of property in the shoreline. As per law, the government owns the first two hundred meters of beachfront starting from the high-tide markers.

In the 200 meters, the first fifty meters are public zones and no own can own that area. The government can lease the remaining 15o meters to the private persons or companies which are referred as concession. The state law has some limitations on foreign ownership of beachfront property and you must be alert before investing in beachfront homes.

Whether you are looking for a home or condo in a beachfront property you must do all the steps to meet the legal requirements. You must research whether the property has any restrictions on ownership for foreigners and any specific procedures to do. You can seek the support of the real estate attorney who is family with the Costa Rica laws for buying the property.

One of the benefits in Costa Rica is you can buy a beachfront home or property at low prices than other countries. It is tough to find the homes that are very close to the waterfront and you should never miss an opportunity of good beachfront homes in Costa Rica. Generally, the homes on the Pacific Ocean are expensive than the homes on the Caribbean Sea.

Once you find the suitable home as per your requirement, you should never delay to purchase it since there is much demand for beach front homes in Costa Rica. The second thing is you should not buy a property without actually visiting it. You should visit the home and assess the condition of the home and check for damages if any. You must only buy a home that is in good condition.

You must collect details about the home, discuss with your friends about the home, and find more information about the area in online. You must remember to visit the home either it is a condo or home. It is wise idea to rent in the location you wish to buy home so that you can know better about the location, neighborhood, and region before purchasing home.

You don’t always believe the words of the real estate owner. For instance, the real estate owner promises for new roads, schools, club houses in the area in short period but even after so many years you cannot see any new things in certain areas. You must make sure whether the builder possesses the construction permits and water permits for the home.

If you find any damages in the home or in repairing condition you don’t hesitate to ask for reduction in price. You can check for the discount options when there is now telephone connection in the home because it is now difficult to get the telephone connection.